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Sunlectra Green Auto

Moving towards a Greener Future

Sunlectra Auto is a subsidiary of R-SUN Industries which caters e-Mobility sector. A major overhaul in the way we travel is due. Non-renewable sources of fuels are limited and are taking toll on environment. Government of India has taken a cognizance of this situation and has declared a mandate for India to be a 100% e-vehicles country by 2030.Taking this momentum ahead R-Sun Industries has launched series of Solar Powered Electric Vehicles under the name of Sunlectra Auto.

Sunlectra Auto has a vision of reducing dependency on fossil fuels and creating a sustainable tomorrow. In the initial phase three vehicles have been rolled out namely Fightter, Bouncerr and Rickie.

Plus points of these vehicles include modern looks, low maintenance and noise pollution at minimal operational cost. The company believes that green is the way to go ahead and if sustainability is to be achieved, people will soon have to adapt to the changes happening in e-mobility.