1. What is the running cost .

Ans:- Electric three wheeler is very cost affective. It consumes just 5 unit of Electricity to get fully charg. 40 Rs for fully charging approx.

2. What is the life of the batteries , in general ?

Ans:- The life and Range of the vehicle depends on a number of the following conditions

  • Kerb weight.
  • Battery capacity
  • Load on the vehicle.
  • Driving condition.

Sunlectra Auto have better high quality parts advance technology & design provides better performance compared to other E rickshaw available in the market. The range of the vehicle with the fully charged battery can go approximate 100 km in ideal situation, depending upon the battery AH and usage .

3. Is it safe to drive E Rickshaw in the rain.?

Ans:- Yes but with the water logging Road.

4. Is finance facility available of Sunlectra Auto product.

Ans:- Yes Finance facilities are available on Sunlectra Authorized dealership.

5. Driving license is required for driving E Rickshaws?

Ans:- Yes , as per the government statutory requirement driving license is mandatory for the driving E Rickshaw.

6. What is the maintenance cost of E Rickshaw as compared to other vehicles ?

Ans:- Compared to other fuel vehicles the maintenance cost of the E Rickshaw is comparatively very low. Because of its less moveable parts.

7. Is Sunlectra Auto E Rickshaw is government certified?

Ans:- Yes, Sunlectra Auto product is CIRT certified and also approved by state transport authorities.

8. What is the special feature of Sunlectra Auto?

Ans:- Flexi - Solar FRP Roof, its equipped with flexible monocryastalline cells panel having higher efficiency which harness more photons for extra energy.